Police pour les titres: Fahkwang

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Police pour les paragraphes: Taviraj

Weight has nothing to do with it. Ho ho ho, look at it roll. Now we could watch Jackie Gleason while we eat. Remember, fellas, the future is in your hands. If you believe in progress, re-elect Mayor Red Thomas, progress is his middle name. Mayor Red Thomas's progress platform means more jobs, better education, bigger civic improvements, and lower taxes. On election day, cast your vote for a proven leader, re-elect Mayor Red Thomas... Then how am I supposed to ever meet anybody. Listen, woh. Hello, uh excuse me. Sorry about your barn.

Lorraine, are you up there? Thanks. Marty, why are you so nervous? Please note that Einstein's clock is in complete synchronization with my control watch. I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.